League Scheduling

With over 20 years of experience, Bortz Media & Sports Group is the leader in providing scheduling solutions for professional and college sports organizations. We assist in all phases of the scheduling process including planning, creating custom software, schedule development, league review and presentation. Our services are offered on a turnkey, joint arrangement or software only basis. We provide scheduling services to basketball, hockey, baseball, football, and soccer clients, and systems for officials are also available. Scheduling systems for non-sports applications can be developed using the same techniques and software.

Our approach to scheduling seeks to manage conflicting goals that cannot necessarily be quantified or weighted equally. Balancing these interests is the primary challenge of scheduling. Our experience is that the best schedules are those that are fair and most closely reflect the goals of the league (e.g., marketing, competitive balance) and the sensitivities of individual teams (e.g., travel, attendance, etc.). We never overlook the importance of the schedule as potentially the league’s most critical marketing tool. Our comprehensive approach allows these and other intangible goals to be incorporated into the scheduling process. Bortz Media & Sports Group scheduling clients include the NBA, NHL, American Athletic Conference, Atlantic Coast Conference, Pacific 12 Conference, World TeamTennis, WNBA, Ontario Hockey League, Swedish Hockey League and the Missouri Valley Conference.

Our Approach

Latest Optimization Technology

Our systems incorporate the latest optimization technology supplied by FICO. We provide custom user interfaces for leagues to view, analyze and produce a variety of schedule reports.

Our Partner

Bortz Media & Sports Group has teamed with Calatea Systems (a world leader in the development of scheduling software in the airline, railroad and other industries) to enhance the solutions we provide to clients.

Other Scheduling Applications

Our flexible scheduling and optimization techniques can be applied to applications other than sports scheduling. Please contact us for more information.