Gate Revenue

The Challenge

Ticket prices charged by major professional sports franchises are beginning to rival-and even exceed – those of Broadway productions. However, unlike Broadway, pro sports franchises must convince their fans to return again and again.

The Solution

Accomplishing this today, and in the future, requires proper seating structure and pricing designs. The days of year-to-year across the board price increases and cookie cutter pricing structures are fast coming to an end. A much more sophisticated approach is called for – one that rationalizes the pricing structure top to bottom. Bortz Media & Sports Group draws upon nearly 20 years of experience to offer the following services:

In-Depth Ticket Pricing Analysis

Quick-fix approaches, such as steep discounting, provide only band-aid solutions. Our objective, comprehensive in-depth ticket pricing structure analysis takes into account many factors such as market demographics and season ticket, mini-plan and individual game sales patterns. We also analyze sales, discounting variable game pricing and promotion strategies. Additionally, a league comparative analysis is prepared showing how your franchise compares to others in your league. These factors (and others) allow us to assist you in designing a sophisticated ticket pricing structure and sales strategy that looks to maximize both attendance and revenues.

Annual Pricing Update Service

Each franchise must analyze its ticket pricing policies on an annual basis. Responding to that need, new for 2001, we are introducing our annual pricing update service. The service provides a low cost way for you to build upon our in-depth analysis on an annual basis.

Our annual update services provides you with the necessary information to make an informed decision regarding ticket pricing and sales strategy modifications on a year-to-year basis. Each year you will receive a wealth of information, including:

  • Review of past season’s sales to identify any weakness in current structure
  • League-wide comparative analysis
  • Review of franchise’s plan for next season

Venue Design

Professional sports franchises and others continue to look to Bortz Media & Sports Group for assistance as they work through the process of building a new or renovating an existing venue. We conduct focus groups, executive level interviews, quantitative telephone surveys and secondary market research designed to accurately assess the viability of and market appetite for luxury suites, club seats, and/or personal seat licenses.

Our integrated approach goes well beyond a “raw” market research study. Utilizing the research results as a base, we draw upon our knowledge of and experience with new/renovated sports venues to provide you with the background information and decision making tools necessary to effectively design and position your seating options and sales strategies.

As recognized industry leader, our firm has assisted more than one dozen organizations in designing new venues valued at more than US$2 billion.