Technology Assessment

Assessing market prospects for a variety of new and emerging media technologies has been an ongoing Bortz Media focus. Our ability to separate the technology “winners” from the “also-rans” is a company hallmark.

A History of Supporting Innovation

Beginning in the 1980s and continuing forward to the present, we have completed numerous assignments addressing the economics and market opportunities associated with direct broadcast satellite; fixed wireless spectrum; fiber-based broadband networks; and technology-based products/services including HDTV, digital multicasting and datacasting, digital video recorders, virtual advertising, interactive/enhanced TV, Internet content delivery, etc. Major financial institutions, telecommunications companies and industry organizations have all engaged Bortz Media & Sports Group’s services in these areas.

Service Offerings

Bortz Media’s technology assessment services address both distribution technologies and content-based products and services:

Distribution Technologies

Recent assignments addressing prospects for emerging distribution technologies include:

  • We assisted two different clients in assessing the economics of fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) technology, and also recently evaluated market and economic opportunities associated with the use of broadband-over-power line (BPL) technology.
  • We assisted a fixed wireless service provider in developing a business plan for the provision of broadband Internet services.
  • We recently assessed voice-over-Internet protocol (VoIP) market opportunities on behalf of a cable client.
  • For multiple programming clients, we considered opportunities and risks associated with video-on-demand and subscription video-on-demand distribution, as well as revenue opportunities related to HDTV programming tiers.

Content-Based Products and Services

Beginning with a comprehensive analysis of “multimedia” market opportunities for Capital Cities/ABC, Inc. (now Disney) in 1994, Bortz Media has been actively engaged in evaluating Internet and interactive business options. This initial assignment considered strategic alternatives in the Internet market, as well as in on-demand television, interactive TV and multimedia software development.

Examples of recent Internet assignments include:

  • We have recently analyzed the future financial prospects of two major content-based sites — projecting advertising/sponsorship, e-commerce and premium service (streaming, content syndication, etc.) revenue streams.
  • We assisted a broadcasting client in the development of a business plan for an e-commerce-driven Internet “infomediary” concept. This assignment addressed issues related to e-commerce execution, managing a national infrastructure to support local station commerce and content elements, and establishing partnership parameters in the context of securing investment capital.
  • We assisted a cable programming entity in developing a detailed business model for an on-line extension that would function in tandem with its digital channel. In addition to development of a “stand-alone” plan, we assessed merger and acquisition opportunities and estimated the fair market value of this asset.