Market Research

Bortz Media market research helps our clients capture and make sense of complex, difficult to acquire data, distilling this information into conclusions that move your business forward. We are one of the few firms that conduct market research and analysis only for the media industry, and have over twenty years of experience assisting the media clients answer difficult questions. We don’t just know research – we know the industry.

We also bring a team of qualified analysts and statisticians to help make the step from data collection into decision making. Bortz Media consumer and business-to-business quantitative and qualitative surveys have measured awareness, interest, demand and price sensitivity with regard to most telecommunications products and services, including telephony, high-speed data, cable television and new services/applications such as digital cable tiers, premium programming concepts, and interactive television.

Bortz Media market research focus areas include:

Programming & Advertising Research

Annual surveys of both cable system operating executives and cable advertising executives assess the relative importance and value of selected programming networks and programming types to the cable industry.

New Product Launch

We have assisted major MSOs in defining packaging and pricing strategies for digital cable and other new product offerings. Telephone surveys and focus groups are used to assess positioning and consumer interest.

International Research

Surveys have been executed to assess demand, define programming network carriage and packaging, and establish pricing for subscription television and telecommunications services in more than 20 countries.