Competitive Assessment

Bortz Media is the leader in Cable Operator Competitive Assessment and intelligence services for the cable industry. The competitive landscape in the video, voice and data services markets is evolving rapidly, as existing cable competitors pursue new strategies while market and technological forces combine to produce new sources of competition. In this environment, Bortz Media has developed a range of services and information resources that meet the needs of cable operators for timely, targeted and actionable competitive analysis and intelligence. Our ongoing relationships with leading cable operators ensure that we remain at the forefront of key competitive issues and response strategies.

Competitive Assessment Services

Monthly Competitive Updates

Bortz Media has provided monthly competitive updates to two of the largest cable multiple system operators for the past ten years. These customized updates provide detailed analysis of key competitive issues, evaluate market trends, highlight the performance of specific competitors, and identify/assess emerging sources of competition. Updates consider trends and competitive issues in the video high-speed data and telephone segments.

Special Reports/Competitor Threat Assessments

Bortz Media’s existing clients frequently request “special reports” that address a particularly critical/timely competitive issue or provide an in-depth analysis of a particular competitor or market. Examples of recent reports of this type include examinations of fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP) economics and broadband-over-power line (BPL) market prospects, as well as profiles/threat assessments for individual competitors including Verizon, SBC, News Corp./DirecTV and Grande Communications.

Strategic/Tactical Competitive Marketing

Bortz Media has engaged in in-depth competitive strategic planning on behalf of several MSOs — addressing corporate, regional and system level threats and developing specific competitive response strategies. A series of recent assignments have focused on marketing strategies to anticipated changes in DBS competition, the mover market segment and the builder/developer segment.

Telecommunications Market Assessment

In support of MSO telephone market entry initiatives (including VoIP launches), Bortz Media has analyzed individual market local telephone competition. These analyses have identified and profiled the competitive position of the incumbent telco and all other significant local competitors, and have estimated CLEC market share and growth prospects in the community. In addition, Bortz Media has recently conducted detailed analyses of fiber deployment activity by major ILECs in individual markets.

Competitive Discussion Forums

Bortz Media facilitates competitive discussion forums, using various approaches including market-specific case examples as a catalyst for enabling MSO personnel to review and improve competitive strategies and tactics. These forums can include in-person meetings (i.e., company competitive “summits”) and/or telephone or web-based conferences.

Market Research and Statistical Modeling

Bortz Media offers both market research and operations research capabilities that can support and assist in the development of cable operator competitive initiatives. These capabilities can assist operators in such competitively critical areas as new product development/launch, assessment of the effectiveness of acquisition and retention campaigns, and bandwidth utilization. Visit these sections of our website for more information.