Sponsorship Valuation
Bortz Media & Sports Group offers valuation of sponsorship inventory elements for teams and leagues to fully understand the exposure value of their sponsorship inventory. Our sponsorship valuation service also offers tools for teams to increase revenue by effectively communicating this value to sponsors.
The sponsorship inventory valuation process provides:
Detailed measures of audience exposure, both in-arena and via broadcast.
Market-specific value estimates for determining exposure value.
Media buyer, agency, and advertiser criteria for evaluating sponsorship exposure value.
Approaches to derive full exposure value from sponsorship inventory.
Our sponsorship valuation approach provides exposure data and valuation methods which can be easily communicated to agencies and advertisers to validate the exposure provided by your property.
Our Approach
Quantifiable media exposure data
Several measures of time and number of exposures are provided for each individual medium (signage, print, kiosk,etc.), including both in-venue and electronic (television, radio, internet) media exposures.
Value estimate for media exposure
An estimate is made of the advertising value for each medium. This value estimate is “value” of the medium to the advertiser relative to other comparable advertising opportunities in the marketplace (both locally and nationally).
Comparative CPMs
CPMs for media analyzed are provided as a comparison against CPMs for other common forms of media both locally and nationally. This is provided as a sales tool to allow the sales organization to effectively understand the value that the sponsorship inventory offers their clients, and can be used in the sales process directly.
Bortz Media completed a comprehensive analysis of NHL in-arena signage inventory (i.e., dasherboards, in-ice, penalty box and player bench) on a team-by-team basis, identifying signage exposure both in-arena and on television, based on attendance, local and national television ratings, sign position, clarity and size. The study provided a market specific analysis that assisted NHL franchises in understanding the fair market value of their individual signage positions.
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